Here you can find the short stories and ideas that Franky and I have worked on up until now, as well as some drafts of full stories that I have worked on in the Doppelganger Universe!

Some of these will be rough as hell, and some might be pretty good.  Who can say, really?



– In a world visited by Composite, a son sits down to write a final letter to his mother.  November 2nd, 2013.


The Fear Machine – Part 1

– The beginning of the first Doppelganger short story!  August 13th, 2013.


The Fear Machine – Part 2

– The fear machine’s influence grows and the plot thickens…  September 6th, 2013.


The Fear Machine – Part 3

– The final showdown with the deadly Fear Machine. – October 7th, 2013.