Doppelganger is a sci-fi/noir webcomic.

It follows the story of one man — Composite — as he travels between universes, seeking out his doubles in other worlds.  The only thing he knows about these doubles?  Each and every one of them is irredeemably evil.  And so, after Composite finds proof of their guilt, they must die.


Creators’ Note – You are welcome to start reading from the beginning, but once you understand the premise, the first page of Chapter 2 – Brother Harbinger is a good start (there is a marked improvement between issues 1 and 2).



Chapter 1 – The Doppelganger – Our story begins with a mysterious man in a dark alley. The beginning of Doppelganger.


Chapter 2 – Brother Harbinger, Pt. 1 – We follow Composite into a city of neon as he tries to carry out his task.


Chapter 3 – Brother Harbinger, Part 2 – Composite, wounded and deprived of a vital resource, moves towards a pivotal clash with Vickers.

We're baaack!


Guest Pages – In order of appearance.

Interlude by Dima Kulakov – Find more of Dima’s amazing work at

Our Entr’acte between issues 2 and 3 was done by Joao Duarte Silva, and showcases a lighter side to the Doppelganger universe!  Find more of Joao’s work here.