About the comic.

Welcome!  Doppelganger is a sci-fi/noir webcomic.

It follows the story of one man — Composite — as he travels between universes, seeking out his doubles in other worlds.  The only thing he knows about these doubles?  Each and every one of them is irredeemably evil.  And so they must die.

Composite carries out the work of removing his doppelgangers after finding proof of their guilt.  However, more than anything he hopes to eventually find a world where his double is a good man.  One where Composite would not have to take the life of another man with his face.

Until then, he wanders between worlds.


About the creators.

Franky Plata Rojas is an animation student, writer, coffee drinker, henchman for hire, trilingual and Colombian.  He is also wiling to read your mind if you’re really close and mumbling what you’re thinking.

Check out his Society 6 page or his blog.

Contact Franky at franky@doppelgangercomic.net

You can also reach Franky on Twitter.

Thibault Kervarech is a an almost full-time sane person, and totally trustworthy.  Calm and serene, he also occasionally wakes up.  It usually does not go well.

You can also check out his bandcamp, which features original music for Doppelganger and other projects!

Contact Thibault at thibault@doppelgangercomic.net

You can also reach Thibault on Twitter or Facebook